Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision of the Postgraduate Program

“Becoming an Excellent Postgraduate Program at the National and Global Level, Producing Professional Workers Who Meet the Needs of Industry and Society in 2024”

Mission of the Postgraduate Program

  1. Organizing Tridharma College in accordance with applicable regulations.
  2. Carry out academic management in an integrated, effective and efficient manner to meet the required quality of work standards.
  3. Develop a network of cooperation with industry and sustainable partnerships in response to global business competition.

Objectives of the Postgraduate Program

The purpose of the Postgraduate Program is the implementation of Tridharma tertiary institutions in each study program that is in coordination with the Postgraduate Program to achieve the targets set. The intended targets are:

  • Have the ability to develop science, technology and or the implementation of entrepreneurial management
  • Have the ability to manage, lead and develop research.
  • Have the ability to approach disciplines across disciplines.